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protests echoed through the side streets of Istiklal, the main street leading into the square.

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Unlike some in her neighborhood, however, Yunaz recognizes the LGBT community. Yalcin saw that as a good first awareness step for the LGBT community.

“When I think about homosexuality, I think about my future son or my future daughter,” she said. Next on the civil rights agenda, she said, are social security, access to adequate health care, access to housing and incorporating LGBT issues into the education system.

Istanbul pride organizers estimated that 40,000 people lined the city’s Istiklal Avenue to support gay, lesbian and transgender citizens at the pride parade, saying that attendance has doubled since last year and reached a high watermark in the history of the event. “This is my mother and this is her first time in a demonstration like this,” said Neval, 23.

“I came here last week [for Gezi Park protests] and she’s here this week [for pride].

“With the Gezi protests I wanted to be added in to the crowd to defend gay rights.” Yudum, a 30-year-old sales clerk marching in the pride parade, said the national protests were spreading support for the LGBT community.

“I think more people are becoming tolerant toward other groups.

“People feel what gays are feeling because we have been suppressed and they have been suppressed all the way, so we are feeling great to defend them,” Oznur said.

Oznur had wanted to participate in the parade in previous years, but this was her first time in the march.

This is a part of Gezi as a whole idea.” She doesn’t see any legal or institutional changes for LGBT rights on the horizon.

“But I think people can get more tolerant and as people get more aware it will translate to legal issues one day,” she said. Signs in Turkish, Arabic and Kurdish read “my child is gay.” Members of opposition and Kurdish political parties also participated in the parade on Sunday, according to the before the pride parade began to march.

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