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The sacred knowledge of the spirits which were set over certain duties, were sought after, and many of the hidden workings of the universe were made known through the serpent, worshipping the sun, the moon and the serpent were in total contrast to the universal workings of God's reason for creation.Possessing powers over things which are hidden and unseen for monetary use.The first born son on earth was of the devil's seed..

By faith Abel offered unto God a more excellent sacrifice than Cain, by which he obtained witness that he was righteous, God testifying of his gifts: and by it he being dead yet speaketh.

Cain built the first city before the great flood and when Enoch was born, he named the city after his son.

Our adversary to life was in actuality, the tree of good and evil knowledge, which Eve chose to inherit, rather than Jesus Christ, the tree of everlasting life..

Through this connection the devil had gained a foothold into the physical world, enabling him to put into effect the powers of destruction to men, through men, on our earthly plane.

Children in which, many were incredible half human Beasts which were being worshipped as gods. was essentially doomed to wickedness from the beginning of his conception, yet, the Vita does inform us; At the time of his birth; Eve cried out in pain and there came twelve angels and two virtues who stood by Eve, and while the archangel Michael stroked her face, she bore a son and he was Shining: and at once the babe rose up and ran and bore a blade of grass in his hands, and gave it to his mother.

All of the blessings necessary for righteousness had been sent to him, yet his passion lie with the fleshly desire.

~~~~~CAIN'S Birth through the SERPENT; that OLD DRAGON and EVE, brought forth Murder, the Lie, Evil thought and Death into our physical world, by following the Baal's, ultimately leading to BLOOD and HUMAN Sacrifce. The Exiled Angels, Man's adversaries, which rebelled against mankind had no power over us before the fall in the Garden of Eden.

There were two trees in the Garden of specific importance, one bore the knowledge of Good and Evil (physical wantoness), the other bore Immortal or Everlasting Life (immortal life Jesus offered).

Through the serpent, Cain was the physically born son of Eve through that Old Dragon, who was in reality called the devil and 'Satan' man's own adversary.


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