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Mississippi as a state has some major issues with crime and its economy.

But, the fact is, that homes are priced by demand, and there’s simply not a lot of demand to live in Macon, Georgia. And there’s only 4 other cities where homes are cheaper.

Would you have thought that Macon was the 10th most dangerous place in the country?

We had more than 10 million people read our worst cities in a state series, which was featured in hundreds of media outlets, including an NPR feature. After analyzing the biggest 250 cities in the country, here is our list of the worst cities to live in America: You might be surprised to see some of these cities on this list. In order to rank the worst places to live in America, we had to determine what criteria people like or dislike about a place.

We understand there’s a lot of good in every place. It isn’t a stretch to assume that people like low crime, solid education, things to do and a stable economy.

Crime is really high, schools are poorly funded, and home prices are some of the lowest in the nation.

The average family brings in just over ,000 a year after a cost of living adjustment.

If home prices are low, it’s a sign that there’s not a lot of demand to live there.

And certainly, if crime is really high, no one wants to be there at all. There might be some surprises on this list, but when you look at the unbiased data, it’s hard to argue against.

There were 18 murders in Macon two years ago as well.


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