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Monogamy is a choice, but it is usually the best choice.

Monogamous relationships have a trust and honesty and intimacy that can't be met when one (or both) of you has more than one sexual partner.2.

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Have faith that the person on the other end of the line won't laugh at you.

Once you establish trust you can enjoy sex with your most powerful sex organ — the brain.

And once you're using your noodle, phone sex can be some of the most connected lovin' you have."It may seem 'disconnected' when you first pick up the phone, but the intensity of talking into someone's ear and listening to their confidences will soon have you completely oblivious to your surroundings," says Susie Bright sexpert and author of .

"Pretty soon you'll be one of those people who say, with utter seriousness, that 'phone sex is some of the best sex I've ever had.'"Even if what you talk about stays in the realm of fantasy forever, connecting aurally allows you a freedom you may not get at other times in your relationship.

You can use this to explore fantasies that you may think of as too racy to role play in person.""Phone sex comes more naturally when you start off the call naturally — lights on, clothes on, TV in the background, etc., but, as time goes on, lights are turned off, clothes are shed and then you get to the main event," says phone sex operator Sindy St. "It's helpful to have a casual conversation that turns erotic," advises Amy Levine, sex coach, certified sexuality educator and founder of Sexedsolutions. The more explicit and the more specific, the better your call will go. When you are talking about what you want done to you, instead of saying 'I love being licked, say exactly where and how you like it done.'" While you're busy getting down with the details remember that when it comes to phone sex, sound matters."Definitely use language you are already comfortable with," adds Lumpesse.

"To make the transition, at some point during the conversation switch to a sexy topic like asking what they think about phone sex, or by sharing a fantasy."And after you get comfortable and in the groove, "You don't have to start swearing like a sailor," adds Bright. "Don't just say something like, 'When you come home, I will be waiting to take you into the bedroom,' " says St. "Use your voice and your body as tools of seduction.

Most partners will be really turned on by the sound of your breathing or moans, or even the sounds your body is making while you touch yourself."Once you get all comfy and cozy and you're getting your groove on, phone sex requires Q&A.. Be descriptive, but then ask a question to allow your partner to take over.

After painting a vivid vision of how you would kiss your partner from head to lower body, ask, 'How do you want me to use the tip of my tongue?

Meaning, whoever doesn't want sex should "win" and get their way. After all, do you really want to take something your partner doesn't want to give?


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