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Austin assures Julie that she will not die and the two become closer during the experience.

After Austin helps fight Carolyn and they are released, Julie hugs Austin and the two begin a relationship.

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One night, he became a little rough towards Austin's mother, so the young man assaulted him.

His mother then called the police but turned Austin in, not her boyfriend. Austin sneaks into Edie Britt's house in the middle of the night.

Julie is with her friend Sarah and Austin talks to them. Austin asks Julie to tutor him, and she agrees but charges him extra for it.

During the tutoring lessons, he tells her the story of how he protected his mom from her boyfriend and went to juvie for it.

Later, Susan is concerned about Julie and Austin's blossoming relationship, but her daughter tells her that it will happen whether she likes it or not. However, Austin tells him that Susan is dating Ian, whose wife is in a coma. Austin asks Julie for sex but she says she is not ready, he accepts this.

Later, Andrew tells her that he will be getting it somewhere else as all guys do.The next day, Austin is listening to music in the front yard and Julie Mayer comes out to ask him to turn it down.He asks her why and she explains that she is studying.Julie has sex with Austin, worried that he will cheat on her.He begins to feel guilty as he is having an affair with Danielle Van de Kamp. Mc Cann - Father Benjamin Katz - Son Ilene Britt - Grandmother Mr. Britt - Step-Grandmother Edie Britt - Aunt Unnamed Uncle Unnamed Step-Aunt Dave Williams - Uncle Travers Mc Lain - Cousin Austin Mc Cann is a supporting character on Desperate Housewives.

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