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The wintery mountain landscape offers stunning visuals and plenty of opportunities for exciting vertical gameplay.Narrow passages can quickly become corridors of death as the deadly Hussar cavalry of the Russian forces impales enemies on his lance.*Going forward we are addressing the balance issues with the Operations game mode. To increase the effectiveness of the attacking team, we are increasing the overall tickets for both Operations & Grand Operations.

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Support - 2/ 4/ 6 M249 damage per bullet Pistol - 20/25/33% chance of stunning attacker Assault - 10/ 20/ 30 Bonus HP when spawning Sniper - 1/3,1/2,1/1 Chance of Free awp/scout Explosives - .2/.4/.6 multiplier added to Grenade damage Shotgun - 150/100/50 alpha level invisibility with Knife SMG - 15/30/45 speed boost added for all weapons Players with one thirds, two thirds, or all of the Badges will get 50, 100, and 200 Armor(Vest Helm) respectively. bf2- Optional motd web pages for help info, requires website to host if used. Then just upload the newly compiled file to your server.

Medals are awarded for getting 1st, 2nd, and 3rd highest frags at the end of the map. In order to obtain some Ranks, Badges must be turned on. If the server has bots, csstats_rankbots must be set to 1 in order for bots kills to count toward Badges. This last update included 2 optional sound files, if not on your server they will not be used.

Changed bf2_hud_options cvar to include e by default, the comments said it was included but was not. The attached sma contains only a tiny amount of the code and is just there for reference purposes. Or that the HUD tends to disappear after a while (say /hud to make it come back if that's the case) As with the classes idea, I tend to agree with Servak.

Small updates to information in help motd's and other motd edits. 1.5.1 - 4/18/09 Fixed bf2_resetserverstats command to use ADMIN_RESET instead of ADMIN_LEVEL define Fixed pistol badge code from being run on self from a suicide Removed useless /hud command 1.5 - 4/15/09 Added saving by IP and nick controlled by csstats_rank cvar Added saving for bots controlled by csstats_rankbots cvar Added bf2_ffa cvar to enable/disable team kills to count for points Added use of Hamsandwich for spawn and damage change code Added check for Player Name miscstats option to disable BF2's hud info Added 2 Optional sounds from BF2 for rank and badge gain Fixed speed system and added calls for FOV speed changes Fixed badge checking not being checked on death not from a player Updated SQL saving code for improvements Removed CSDM define and bf2_as changes made them unnecessary now Removed fakemeta_util_and included fakemeta_Removed excess calls of Display HUD and save_badges Fixed variable length that hold player names Fixed a few possible out of bounds strings, still need to fix rest Changed default ADMIN_RESET define to ADMIN_RCON from ADMIN_CFG Fixed knife badge max hp and to only show blue glow/screenflash if hp is given 1.4.1 - 2/27/09 vittu takes over maintaining the plugin due to p RED moving to Source Mod Fixed CS Flags compatibility Fixed TK giving points, will set an option to enable later Fixed self grenade kill from adding to grenade kills Fixed missing Lt General rank issue Fixed description of requirements for special and higher ranks Updated rank requirements not updated when more badges were last added Adjusted Status Text, points hud info, to better fit max character amount Added band-aid fix for auto save by steamid or IP, will update method later 1.4 Fixed wrong sprites displaying fixed double hp gain on round reset (CSDM) added /whostats command bf2_help_url (and web motds) and bf2_badgepowers cvars fixed sprites CSDM badges not being awarded. Added cvar bf2_version to allow the plugin to be detected by game monitor. it's just for info) Fixed the html files after word pwnt them. (especially checking the credits section) Not quite sure what you mean? I don't have or play Dod but I can see a Dod version of this working quite well as it could integrate with the inbuilt class system quite easily.

These do not award any powerups but keep track of the highest number of wins on the server stats page (see the ingame menu)Other Info: Servers running the mod Plugin usage stats Screenshots: (these need to be updated) Rank Icon Being Displayed Free Items when you spawn Pistol Badge Imobilising an enemy Another Rank Icon Being Displayed Running out of ideas... For My SQL saving a define must be uncommented at the top of bf2and script must be recompiled.

Note: there is no way to transfer n Vault saved data to My SQL or vise versa and I have no plans to add that function.

Power ups are an optional feature gained by obtaining Badge Awards. NOTE: Some Ranks require Badges to be gained just like in BF2, so if you choose to disable Badges by the bf2_badges cvar those Ranks are not obtainable.

Badges are earned by accomplishing the objectives specified in the help menu.

In addition, we are also making it somewhat easier to capture sectors as an attacker by reducing the amount of time it takes to capture a flags in Operations & Grand Operations.

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