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Find By Named Query(String query Name, Object value, IType type) in D:\Rejibabu\Sample Mvc Projects\Mvc Social Network App\Mvc Social Network App. Security\Helper\NHibernate Provider Entity Helper.cs:line 83Hello, Sorry for the exception you've encountered. Like - bool can Delete=Has Permission("Page","Delete"). And Has Permission in base controller might look like this:- Similar approach may be applied to Content Specific permissions (with respect to individual post/message/upload), however it might require more detailed design consideration. Begin Process Request(Http Context Base http Context, Async Callback callback, Object state) at System. Get Application(String app Name) in D:\Rejibabu\Sample Mvc Projects\Mvc Social Network App\Mvc Social Network App. For toggling the display of hyperlinks, you may need to add extensions to enable/disable hyperlink in the Model/View while rendering and separate helpers to check for specific permission set these properties.

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By Lowered Name" ***/Check the capital "B" in by Lowered Name. Best Regards, Hello sir Thank you for your valuable reply . i downloaded your application and it works in mvc3 and i want a content item permission module and that i think i can do it with permission module in Parichay in admin side but i want to know how it will work in client side for example "In a page the user can only Add, Modify, Save a content but he has no access to delete the content " how can i do it. Thanking you Hello, The security used in Parichay is a custom HTTPModule as defined in [this article] which intervenes the requests. So, for example your controller action Page Controller\delete needs to be blocked for a particular role or user - it can be done from permissions screen as defined in [above article]. Begin Process Request(Http Context http Context, Async Callback callback, Object state) at System.

If you're still facing issues, please let me know about the development framework and environment used.

Begin Process Request(Http Context context, Async Callback cb, Object extra Data) at System.

Execute Step(IExecution Step step, Boolean& completed Synchronously) Which is easy to fix, but just mentioning[Null Reference Exception: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.] Microsoft.

Execute(Request Context request Context) 91 System.

Execute(Request Context request Context) 10 System. ASP (Active Server Pages) is a platform for creating interactive web sites that was created by Microsoft.It was designed to be easier to use, faster to develop in, and to perform better than Perl/CGI. The schema for Parichay v 1.0.4 and v1.1.0 is different. Cheers, Lyubomir Hello, Yes actually the two tables [member_posts] [member_replies] are included with the DBScript in Parichay-v1.1.0 Create Controller(Request Context request Context, String controller Name) at System. I am looking for the following: Open source C# ASP.


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