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(I am sure that you savvy Bitch readers are way ahead of me on that one, though.) Of course, not every suggestion on the list is as abhorrent as the chair advice.

Some, like changing your own eating habits, or encouraging your partner to go to the gym with you, seem perfectly reasonable.

With all the super-sexist advertisements that are in the media on a daily basis, there are few things that really, truly shock me.

I’ve seen a lot of screwed-up stuff, but this article in particular really takes the cake.

But the fact remains that 12% of viewers said this article made them “a better man.” And if that’s not enough, 5,946 people like it on Facebook.

The mere fact that this article exists in 21st century America is disgusting.

Buy your girlfriend clothes that you know are too small for her, serve her unsatisfactory portions (but go back for seconds yourself when she isn't looking), and trick her into going places where she will need to put on a bathing suit.

All of these suggestions are to be followed up with some good ol' fashioned shaming, just to make sure you get your point across.

Clearly the author of this article has no idea what a wholesome, loving relationship ought to entail.

Simply put, this article makes it seem as though women need to justify their bodies to their significant others — which is blatantly, unequivocally FALSE.

As a woman, I don't spend too much time hanging out over at According to, one way to subtly tell your female partner she's packed on a few too many lbs (you know, besides having a conversation with her about it) is to "sabotage her chair" by removing some of the slats or screws.

Maybe I should start, though, because people who frequent the site are getting valuable life lessons hand over fist in the form of the askmen Top 10. That way, when she sits down on the chair and it breaks, you can shame her into thinking it was because she's too fat! (I am kidding.) Some of the other tips in the Top 10?

This in itself is ridiculous, because it abides by the premise that women should always feel guilty about putting on weight — which is not the case!


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