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“You will hit all kinds of roadblocks in one show that you won’t get from months in a rehearsal room.When you’re playing live, you have to go in, be confident and be yourself.Now, Sixx AM is the number one priority.“We are so pleased,” Ashba says.

There is a lot more about it than just playing guitar.“Sixx: A. have been talking about You Tube recently, and people think us talking about You Tube is a publicity stunt, but we are using the media; we are putting an album out and we have the media’s ear, so why not bring this to the forefront?

“We managed to build a career at a time when there was money in the industry, but a lot of people aren’t that fortunate.

We left two of the biggest bands out there: Mötley came to an end and I retired from GN’R.”As if to drive the point home, the band have gone the whole hog and worked up not one, but two new albums.

The first half of their Prayers For The Damned two-volume set is out now, with the second to come later this year.“We went in on a mission to make two albums that complement each other so we could come out with two huge rock arena albums.” Ashba explains.

You need to keep your head held high and never give up, no matter what.“I love mistakes because I learn from them, and as long as you learn from your mistakes, that is the main thing.

You just go out there and play from your heart and be true to your craft.

The guys that own You Tube are worth approximately billion and the whole music industry is worth billion.

We’re just asking You Tube to play fair and do the right thing.

You are hearing someone that knows what a song actually needs and somebody that is playing for the song.” “You must always pace yourself when you’re playing live, and always breathe.

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