Are taneth and evan still dating

Not only is he shamming, he's participating in the most low rent, humiliating scheme of lies and petty tricks ever cooked up by a set of people with an unearned complacency triple their brainpower (not just that he has to deny Tessa like Peter denies Christ, but he has to treat fans like shit when clearly it made him extremely uncomfortable to do so) .

And yet such is the apparent power of Ilderton that when it comes to making a choice - treating well-meaning fans like shit it is.

Although I've referenced Evan Lysacek and Tanith Belbin many times in the past, it still squicks me out a bit to straight up call them a sham, even though I believe they were a straight up sham.

My opinion of the Ilderton crowd is they have a juvenile, chip on the shoulder sensibility that has some sharp edges and we all know that a juvenile sensibility is often also selfish.

The blog started because I knew Scott and Tessa were married.

It consolidates their proprietary interest in Scott and Tessa.

It makes them special - Scott and Tessa belong to them even more when others don't really know the truth about Scott and Tessa.

For Evan, I think his perceived need for an "official" private life had a lot more to do with his show business aspirations, and what he felt would make him an appealing endorsement prospect then with any pandering to the supposed prejudice of the U. When they became a "couple" they were an "official" couple. Scott, I believe, never even said "my girlfriend" on video or podcast. Otherwise, it was awkward, hedging, hypothetical, conditional clauses.

They released an account of their relationship to the mainstream media. Jessica Dube sits right in the middle of his family on national television - placed there to be seen by us - just days after she and her partner skated in front of Canada, on Canadian ice, and were disappointed, and of course the networks that spent millions for the Olympics - and figure skating is the crown jewel of the winter Olympics, and these skaters are Canadian skating in Canada - the major broadcast media worldwide didn't acknowledge her. they were respecting the super duper private Scott and Jessica who shied away from discussing their love in nicely packaged mainstream media soundbites?

There must not be all that much to do in London or Ilderton (I kind of believe it considering how at a loss for ideas Scott and Tessa were when they were out there "promoting London"), so the sham is VERY entertaining.

And Scott is just "Scotty" - he's always been moody.

Why is it now mostly group poses with Scott's eyes hitting anyplace but his girlfriend's face? Why are so many of Cassandras albums private but she makes sure Scott's presence can be seen by any random creeper? That's part of who is he is - the people he's pleasing have emotional power over him. You've helped us out four years now, live for yourself. He's 25 for God's sake - it's horrific and utterly mortifying that a man would spend most of his twenties living like this for public consumption.

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