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Quinn is a sleazily tenacious cop who's not quite trusting of the Dexter-Morgan brand, who wants to interview Dexter's neighbors on the DL and who pieces together the Kyle Butler sketches that might tie Dexter to his unseemly Trinity-Killer subterfuge from season 4.Deb and Quinn, at least, always showed enough flirtatious tension to justify the passionate embrace we saw in the fifth-season premiere. The two characters playfully came to terms with the sex in this episode as Deb crashed on his couch and Quinn hoped for a repeat encounter. Shouldn't Quinn be upset over his ex's recent suicide?The only thing gross about “Talk to the Hand” is that the characters in question actually are related, philosophically, for all intents and purposes, biological or not. But still there are other ways to get Debra to the church where Dexter set up his kill table.

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No misstep was worse than the horribly misguided storyline in which Deb realizes she has feelings for Dexter (Michael C. Not like strong fondness for an important person in her life, like romantic feelings for her adopted brother. Ross’s side of “Hey, he’s only adopted.” This shouldn’t have ever made it to air.

So where to pinpoint the worst example of this adoption incest? That’s actually a pretty healthy observation, but Ross plants the seeds of romance here. Yet, later in the episode, in what thankfully turns out to only be a dream, Dexter moves in for a kiss and they probably would have done it on the couch if Deb hadn’t woken up.

“Talk to the Hand” is the episode of “Dexter” in which Deb not only had a full on sex dream about Dexter, but it turns out Dr. Deb has a breakthrough in their session about how Dexter is the only reliable man in her life, considering her boyfriends, breakups and absent father. What kind of a licensed health care professional tells their patient it’s okay to have romantic feelings for her sibling? And don’t try to date your brother, even if he’s adopted.

However, there was a moment in between that was just the grossest thing on television, and this is a show about serial killers and blood analysts. If you’re treating a pedophile, you don’t say, “Let’s talk about your feelings and work them out.” You just tell them they can’t rape kids!

In this story she has already seen him kill Travis Marshall and is decidedly going to be okay with it.

Debra Morgan is in love with her brother, but it is okay since he is adopted.

She had to mean, “Tell your brother this so you can hear him tell you no, that’s messed up, because it will be healthy for you to hear him tell you on his own that this is unreasonable.” Right? They would pay a little lip service to Deb’s therapy sessions in later seasons.

One time she confessed her true love to Dexter, but by then they were so far gone into making her an accomplice that there wasn’t a risk of consummating anything.

When I launched Best Episode Ever, I always had it in mind that I would occasionally do a Worst Episode Ever to change things up. Ask anybody who’s been adopted or had adopted siblings in their family. Was it the first time Deb brought up the subject, introducing the subplot before it even snowballed? Ross starts confronting Debra about how she makes bad choices so she can go back to Dexter, and how no man can measure up to Dexter and she should really be exploring her feelings for Dexter because they’re not biological siblings. Now it’s okay for the actors, Hall and Carpenter are not actually related so they didn’t do anything naughty. If she hadn’t seen this therapist, Deb would have just gone on with some anger management issues, but definitely would not have projected her vulnerabilities into a romance with her sibling.

Not too often, because at a certain point it’s not cute anymore and you’re just being mean, but from time to time it’s all in good fun to point out the missteps of an otherwise strong show. But this is the character Debra dreaming about making out with her actual brother. What’s more troubling is that the writers of “Dexter” thought this was an acceptable storyline, that viewers would all be on Dr.

Christine Hill shot herself a mere two weeks ago in -time! Quinn may be a professional, but isn't it a little soon to show him sprawled on a bed in his purple button-up shirt and grinning at Deb?

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