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Rock magnetic analyses showed that the principal magnetic carriers are magnetite and low Ti titanomagnetite, along with variable contributions of thermally stable maghemite and a high coercivity phase with low unblocking temperatures.

The magnetic mineralogy of the studied material is thermally stable and behaves ideally during archaeointensity experiments.

New full-vector archaeomagnetic data for North Africa recovered from the study of six kilns, five from Tunisia and one from Morocco, are presented.

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A comparison between the new data, other available archaeomagnetic determinations in nearby locations, and palaeosecular variation (PSV) curves derived from the regional SCHA.

DIF.3k and global ARCH3K.1 geomagnetic field models shows good agreement between the new data and directional results derived from the models.

Stepwise alternating field demagnetization isolated a single, stable, characteristic remanence component with very well defined directions at both specimen and structure levels.

Mean archaeointensities have been obtained from successful classical Thellier experiments conducted on between five and eight independent samples per kiln.

Once established, this curve will represent a new dating method for this region.

2009) that can help to describe the temporal and the spatial behaviour of the geomagnetic field on a centennial/millennial scale.1): Sabra al-Mansuriya, Raqqada (Tunisia) and Rirha (Morocco).The new full-vector information is a start in filling the gap for this region and may be extremely useful for future constructions of PSV curves and geomagnetic field models.The new data presented here better constrains the evolution of the geomagnetic field during historical times in this region.They represent a new step towards the construction of a reference PSV curve for Northwest Africa.Thermoremanent magnetization (TRM) anisotropy and cooling rate effects upon TRM intensity have been investigated.


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