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And, sliced apples were placed on saucers in tombs dating as far back as 5,000, to give cure for any wrong done in life, and as a safe passageway from time into Eternity.

The apple slice was food for the deceased in more ways than one.

When the residents of Cotehele first hung a modest, floral, Christmas display in the hall in the 1950s, little did they know how their simple decoration would turn into the magnificent and famous tradition it is today.

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In the story, Sir Isaac claimed to have been inspired by a falling apple in his garden to investigate the theory of gravitation.

After the spaceflight, the tree sample and picture will be returned to the Royal Society.

The wild apple can grow to 40’ no higher, with the crab apple; a member of the rose family, being smaller at around 25’.

The bark is brown and scaly, and at around 5-6 years old the tree begins to bear fruit.

The apples vary in colour from green, yellow and red.

The apple tree fairy It is the tree of immortality, for youth, long life, beauty, and is also the fairy that feeds the dead.

Uses The juice from the apple is used in wines, oils, potions, incenses, furniture making though this was more limited as it is a softwood tree. Isaac Newton (1726) contemplating a falling apple in the grounds of Woolsthorpe Manor.

Stories There are many stories associated with the apple tree. He saw the apple always fell to the centre never side ways, thus, the theory of gravity was born. The story of Johnny Appleseed in America ( 1774-1845).

The 12-day mission is expected to be the Nasa orbiter's last.

The move is part of the Royal Society's 350th anniversary celebrations.

A man known to be kind and gentle, who dreamt of planting apple trees everywhere so none would go hungry.

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