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If Monaco's too rusty and/or they don't click, they could be out early.

I was honestly ready to see any of the three win it this season. Amid performances by Lady Gaga and all of this season's dancers, we saw repeat performances by the final three couples.

All three final performances were given perfect 30 scores by the judges, so it all came down to the viewers' votes.

Apolo and Karina.'Apolo was quick to congratulate his opponent, before saying: 'This competition was hard from the beginning, Karina is a champion, I have learned so much from her, she has taught me so much about myself.

'I can honestly lay my head down on my pillow knowing that I gave it everything I had.

Marini remains one of the show's most naturally gifted male celebs, and his loss to Johnson still has many fans crying foul.

Murgatroyd concocted an unforgettable freestyle for Driver, but she'll need to come up with more challenging and memorable routines worthy of Marini's talent.

Apolo Ohno told Shawn that no Olympian who made it to the finals had left without winning the trophy.

She certainly took it to heart, because she danced fabulously!

Like Castroneves, Ohno is partly adored for his playful, brother-sister vibe with Hough, and Smirnoff's tough love, drill sergeant ways is the complete opposite from the former pro.

Those judges scores were then combined with the viewers vote and a nervous-looking Johnson, wearing a long blue dress, was told by host Tom Bergeron: 'You are going to the finals.

Monaco might as well have been on a different show back in the six-week-long Season 1, while Chmerkovskiy hasn't lasted long enough on either of his previous two seasons to show what he's capable of as a choreographer and a teacher.


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