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The Mission of the Andy Roddick Foundation is to ensure youth in low-income communities have abundant opportunities to reach their full potential, through education and sports-based mentoring. Andy Roddick's Foundation Pop-Up Community Tennis Clinic - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Webmistress: Andre & Clau Since : January , 2010 Hosted by : Flaunt Contact: Admi Brooklyn Decker Fans is the Official fan site dedicated to actress Brooklyn decker.

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And we’ve been together ever since.” ANDY RODDICK: “I didn’t know that until yesterday.

She said she had watched videos and said I was funny, but I didn’t know it was that one specifically.” MARY CARILLO: “That press conference has done a lot for you.” ANDY RODDICK: “It’s done a lot for me, we’re standing here probably because of it too.” The golden age of American tennis had produced one superstar after another. And it was real close.” Roddick made it to four more Grand Slam finals. ANDY RODDICK: “I was very good for a long time and I think people respect the way I went about it.

EXCERPTS: Andy Roddick did not plan on retiring after his 13th US Open last summer, but two days after arriving in New York he says that something felt very different when he woke up. ’ I asked him all the questions one would.” ANDY RODDICK: “We talked it out and — that was that.

ANDY RODDICK: “I woke up and — I was kinda pacing around my hotel room for an hour or so. And I said, ‘You need to come back ’cause I’m kind of in a weird deal right now.’” BROOKLYN DECKER: “And I came home. And I said, ‘Do you want to wait on this, and — and just maybe sleep on it, and announce it tomorrow? I decided at that morning and I was at a press conference at or that evening.” Roddick and Decker discuss how they came to be a couple.

I love this character, and I love the people involved.. She says, "If you don't think you can deliver on a promise, don't promise with an effort to try because you're going to be disappointing." For instance, a friend asked me to dinner tonight, and I said, "I would really love to, but I haven't seen my cast in five months.

She's like, "You need to stand up for yourself, and if you're not going to, I'm going to do it for you! We're probably going to grab drinks and a dinner.And he said, ‘This is it.’ That’s exactly what he said. This is it.’” Roddick’s wife, the former supermodel Brooklyn Decker, explains further about the day he decided to leave the game of tennis. BROOKLYN DECKER: “Andy will tell you that he quote-unquote stalked me.I just thought it was incredibly creepy that I got a random call saying, ‘Hey, this guy wants your number.’ I mean, it’s — it’s a little weird. Like, if we can meet, he can come up to me and ask for my number."), we sat down in a separate lounge area to snack on bar food and gossip about love, friendship, and her new show, ]Glamour: How did you know he was The One? Glamour: Kevin Connolly was telling me you are totally Miss Homemaker. I travel so much for work, so I want to make my work family feel comfortable and mesh with them. It's where Andy's from, and we work here in L. I feel comfortable in it, but I don't excel at it, which is exciting. I don't feel at ease at all when I'm shooting.I had never done pilot season, but I had done some television.Brooklyn, the 30-year-old model and actress, has been married to Andy since 2009, and the couple has a 1-year-old son, Hank.


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