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IAnnotation { public abstract class Exported Property : Java.

IAnnotation { public abstract class Flag To String : Java.

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IClient Connection Manager Connection Manager public Org.

IHttp Params Params public Async Task Execute On Executor (Java.

* @param xml Pull Parser The XML Pull Parser of the current stream.

Document Builder Factory#is Expand Entity References().

File Descriptor p0, long p1, long p2); public System.

Task Set Data Source Async (string p0); public System. IAnnotation { [Obsolete] public abstract class Int To String : Java. Task Write Async (byte [] buffer, int offset, int count); public System. IAnnotation { [Obsolete] public abstract class Exported Property : Java. IAnnotation { [Obsolete] public abstract class Flag To String : Java. xml Pull Parser Namespace Aware(true); xml Pull Parser Validating(false); document Builder Factory = Document Builder Instance(); // XMPP requires namespace awareness document Builder Namespace Aware(true); // slightly normalize document Builder Coalescing(true); document Builder Ignoring Comments(true); document Builder Ignoring Element Content Whitespace(false); // No includes / outbound references document Builder Expand Entity References(false); document Builder Validating(false); } /** * Read a stanza from a xml stream.


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