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Starring: Erick Abbate, Ness Krell, Ellen Page, Nick Offerman, Will Forte, Amy Sedaris, Susanne Blakeslee (English voices). We said: "This isn’t just good writing, it’s humane and honourable.Gaspar Schlatter, Sixtine Murat, Véronique Montel, Michel Vuillermoz, Adrien Barazzone, Briditte Rosset, Monica Budde (French voices). Every child here feels like a real human being, and as such is accorded a dignity the world invariably hasn’t extended to them in their lives to date.

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Opening Soon First night November 14th So good it will make your mouth water, Waitress took Broadway by storm and now it's headed out on its first ever national tour.

Scored by pop singer Sara Bareilles, this heart-warming musical follows a small town waitress who sees a chance...

This is a list of the very best black comedy shows on television, ranked from best to worst.

This list of the greatest dark comedy series also includes pictures from the shows when available.

Everyone was dressed like a bunch of woodland creatures, and your dress looked so beautiful and breezy." She added: "Justin asked me to be his best man two days before, and I was really scared.

Jimmy Kimmel [who officiated at the nuptials] said, ' Amy, you have one job: Just hand me the rings separately.' Of course, I handed both to him." Jennifer, 48, in turn remarked: "It's funny, I just gave Justin our edited video of the wedding for our anniversary, and it was fun to revisit it." STORY: Justin Theroux insists there's 'no competition' between him and his wife Jennifer Aniston Last month, Justin paid tribute to his star wife as they marked their second anniversary. We walked in one day after they'd been doing the demo, and he was like, ' What are we doing?

Read more Buy Tickets Limited Run From November 11th to November 11th only Dating back to 1498, the Vienna Boys Choir is one of the best known boys' choirs in the world and one of Austria's most famous cultural exports.

Read more Buy Tickets Limited Run From November 9th to November 9th only Providing your daily dose of rocking Christian tunes, Air1 Radio is the home of positive and uplifting media content and music, encouraging...

Popular black comedy TV shows have been a staple of television for years, so there's often debate about what the most entertaining black comedy show of all time is.

Don't let your favorite black comedy television programs in history get to the bottom of the list- be sure to vote them up so they have the chance to reach the top spot.

Basically, if you are a fan of goofy, off the wall comedy then you'll probably get a kick out of "Wainy Days".

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