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Jack reports that many on the trip were grieved and that his report is not just from one disgruntled participant.There are many voices saying Glenn is “one of us” — even calling him a Christian Zionist.The same can be said about the books Christian read.

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There is deception in religion, there is deception in our government, there is deception in our justice system, there is deception in the market place, and there is deception in almost every service that you purchase.

Who can even find a real man of integrity anymore in America?

No wonder that people in business don’t want to hire anyone.

If they do it is very likely that they will be deceived in more ways than one and good luck trying to get rid of a bad worker who feels entitled to the job because he/she was born.

Christian TV airwaves and Christian bookstores are chock full of information by deceptive liars claiming visions and all sorts of presumptions that came from their own deliberate lies or their own unreliable contemplative mysticism (at best like TM with a Jesus figure make up in one’s own mind and at worst a trip right into the occult) rather than the Bible.

Often while in Christian company I have to listen to Christians repeat the lies of the “Christian” TV media stars tall tales like what they said on TV was the gospel truth.Even Jack admits he didn’t research things properly until he spotted some grievous issues.Now read about the deception that Jack Kinsella experienced on Glenn Beck’s Israel rally.Now, almost three years into this failed agenda, government wants us to believe that doing more of the same policies that failed to create jobs for the last three years would work if we just allowed them to throw another trillion dollars at the problem.They rob Peter to pay Paul and then they wonder why no wealth is created.For example the rhetoric that most whites are racists but blacks are not while black gangs beat white people in many cities in this nation.

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