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I've been toying with an idea for a bit so give me some input and if you think there would be any interest - something like a monthly Gimp Forum feature - I'd post of reprint of the original interior medieval story as is, typos and all - a bit time consuming I know but once a month would be acceptable - the issue I run into is getting the original interior artwork included as possibly a header pic - to get a good quality scan would almost entail dismantling the magazine, not something I'd be inclined to do as an avid collector - dunno, guess I could do the whole spread, crease and all, but that just doesn't seem to do them justice - horns of a dilemma.Yik Yakker - ain't that a damn shame - a topless blond cutie going over a cliff - not very Gimp-like.One of the stories I posted, Into Hell, is on RPP, along with a few others I've written.

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Also I don’t know how much more work this might create for our peerless leader but as I said up top I would help to the best of my ability.

One other thought is that Scourge has two worthwhile groups going on Google and might have some advice. In any case it is great to reminisce, and I can only sing along with Mr. Whenever I'm from time to time depressed And a trauma wells and swells Within my breast I find some pride deep inside of me And I fondly walk down the lane of memory I see Bonaparte A mean one if ever I've seen one And Nero fiddlin' thru that lovely blaze Antionetts, dainty queen, with her quaint guillotine Ha ha ha ha Those were the good old days I see Indians draggin' An empty covered wagon When scalping the settlers was the latest craze And that glorious morn, Jack the Ripper was born Ha ha ha ha Those were the good old days I'd sit in my rockin' chair peacefully rockin' there Counting my blessings by the score The rack was in fashion, the plagues were my passion Each day held a new joy in store Was anybody happy?

So do you really want to know which Bleach man would make the best boyfriend for you? This test delves into not just the surface of what you like -- but your real attitudes towards guys and life in general.

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You have big dreams and work hard, but you’re filled with doubts.

When you achieve things and get what you work hard for, you often feel like an impostor and worry when people will figure out you don’t really belong.

I see cannibals munchin' a missionary luncheon The years may have flown but the memory stays Like the hopes that were dashed when the stock market crashed Ha ha ha ha Those were the good old days I'd walk a million miles or more For some of the gore Of those good Old Days!

I enjoy reading, viewing females or tg tied and exposed to direct/indirect heat including burning, spitroasting, campfire, fireplaces etc..

In an earlier posting I broached the subject of perhaps starting some kind of group for posting interrogation stories.

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