Age of dating consent in virginia

The very first thing you should do after you are accused of statutory rape is to contact a skilled lawyer. Jones is a former prosecutor, so he has unique insight into how to provide competitive defense in criminal cases.

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If you are facing statutory rape charges in Virginia and require zealous protection of your right to fair treatment under the law, contact an attorney with our firm as soon as possible.

The act of statutory rape occurs when an adult has consensual sexual intercourse with a minor who falls within a certain age range.

In any of these cases, regardless of the level and category of crime, it is vital to consult a statutory rape attorney in Virginia, in order to discuss possible defense options.

Despite the fact that many incidents labeled as statutory rape are in fact consensual acts committed by individuals utterly lacking in criminal intent, the consequences of conviction are extremely onerous and can cause a lifetime of heartache.

Given the potentially devastating effects a statutory rape conviction can have on anyone, especially someone just starting out in life, it is vital that the help of a knowledgeable Virginia statutory rape lawyer be obtained as soon as possible once an investigation has commenced or charges have been filed.

There are two primary ways in which statutory rape is prosecuted in Virginia, and the potential penalties imposed will be determined by the specific conduct in which the parties engaged, as well as the victim’s age at the time of the offense.

Convictions for charges related to statutory rape can lead to serious consequences, such as months in jail or years in prison.

Furthermore, statutory rape charges can potentially lead to the defendant being designated a sex offender. Jones, Attorney at Law has a Richmond criminal defense attorney who can provide you with aggressive representation in your case so that you can lower your chances of a conviction.

Even a minor can be charged with statutory rape if he or she has sexual intercourse with someone who is younger than him or her (within a certain age group).

Statutory rape differs from the regular offense of rape in that it involves the alleged victim (the minor) actually provides consent. Under statutory rape laws, even sexual activity between two people who are just a year or a couple of years apart in age can result in the older person being charged with a crime.

It should be noted that statutory rape is not a crime for which a prosecutor needs to show that an assault occurred.

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