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During two days the Jews took a bloody revenge on their enemies in Susan and other cities.

Aman, carried away by the joy that this honour gave him, issued orders for the erection of a gallows on which he purposed to hang the hated Mardochai.

But that night the king, being sleepless, ordered the chronicles of the nation to be read to him.

(From the Hebrew meaning star, happiness ); Queen of Persia and wife of Assuerus, who is identified with Xerxes (485-465 B. She was a Jewess of the tribe of Benjamin, daughter of Abihail, and bore before her accession to the throne the name of Edissa ( Hádássah , myrtle).

Her family had been deported from Jerusalem to Babylon in the time of Jechonias (599 B. On the death of her parents she was adopted by her father's brother, Mardochai, who then dwelt in Susan, the capital of Persia.

The king ordered that Aman should be hanged on the gibbet prepared for Mardochai, and, confiscating his property, bestowed it upon the intended victim.

He charged Mardochai to address to all the governors of Persia letters authorizing the Jews to defend themselves and to kill all those who, by virtue of the previous decree, should attack them.

These the king ordered to be bestowed on Mardochai.

At the second banquet, when the king repeated to Esther his offer to grant her whatever she might ask, she informed him of the plot of Aman which involved the destruction of the whole Jewish people to which she belonged, and pleaded that they should be spared.

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