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The webpages (apps) are located via the globe icon lower right of the main message screen, and by clicking the left of the message input window. But the developers have already stated that they will be actively promoting the use of these cards to their users, it is the way that Kik is monetising their free app.

There are so many chat with stranger apps I can’t list them all. It won’t be long before your child will be made fully aware of the some 100 webpages/apps available through this messaging app.

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If your child also uses Instagram make sure they are not advertising their Kik Messenger profile name on Instagram.

The picture (below left) shows the search term for Kik Messenger #Kik Me on Instagram.

Publicising Kik User Names On Social Media If your child ever publicises their Kik user name on any social media, or someone else does, they may get contacted by strangers if privacy settings are not absolutely secure.

There are many other ways for people to find Kik Messenger user names.

Previously Kik Messenger was rated 13 on the app stores.

In November 2012, Kik introduced apps within the messenger app (now called webpages), the age requirement was then increased to 17 .Its quite possible that a child will join a group or be invited to one that will involve large amounts of Kik users that they don’t know offline.Anyone can create their own group, so a child at school can create a chat group where they all talk in a group privately without any parental supervision.Some enterprising folks have gone as far as to to list Kik user names on websites aimed at finding people to hook up with on Kik (no link to those! Do a search for “Kik Me” on any social media and it will bring up users advertising their Kik Messenger profiles.Can you prevent strangers from contacting your child on Kik? It is hard to know how scammers and spammers are finding and messaging accounts, some of the messages may come from the apps within Kik.These new messages are showing up in the feeds and some look like they are from Kik Messenger admin, when they are not!


  1. The sexting may be a different story; the law may try and go after the 25 year old for Child Seduction, which is a grey area in the law.

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