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"We’re not sure if it was a mistaken identity, or how this individual targeted this person, or why.

We have determined that the victim here, for whatever means, was picked when he was attending a restaurant." The victim was outside a restaurant when an unknown man approached him and started recording a video of the victim, accusing him of trying to meet a young boy.

The Festival has opportunities for Fringe Innies (person who favours seeing indoor theatrical performances) and Fringe Outies (person who favours seeing outdoor performances and buskers).

I have a very good friend who is moving to Edmonton in September, and she is looking for a nice barn to board her horse in the area.

but I know she is looking for a facility that has the following: experienced coach All day turnout Hands on care Adult friendly Thanks for your replies.....

Our Festival has a deep and rich heritage, operating in the heart of the Old Strathcona neighbourhood.

Fringe Festivals are designed to put artists and audiences in direct contact, fostering experimentation and discovery on both sides.

Fringe Theatre is a founding member of the Canadian Association of Fringe Festivals.

As a member we follow these core principles: is about experiencing something new and exciting. It’s exploring the unknown while you also embrace the familiar.

We will move mountains to find the information you need.

If we haven’t answered your question give us a call at 780-409-1910 or send us a message.

11, 2016 he executed an alleged pedophile sting in Saskatoon as a way to help better the community and protect children, but Saskatoon police say these types of investigations should be left to police.

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