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It's amazing to see that the site is still going after all this time I certainly did not imagine that this would be a 10 year project upon starting.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the site in any way, whether that be in the releasing of tutorials and repacks for other members of the community, or simply joining in with discussions about private servers and World of Warcraft.

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The cool thing about Hello AC-Web, After a couple months break from our official signature of the week competition, we are back and bigger than ever.

Forum legend Baked will be stepping up to host the new competition, and judging by his reputation for creating amazing GFX, it is bound to be a good one. Thank you for waiting patiently while we were down for maintenance.

Members will easily find your blog posts through your own defined categories for which you can set privacy options and tags.

Aside from the fancy new theme and features, you may notice awards have yet to make an appearance.

The cake can be decorated in any way you like, but must include the text AC Web, and include an indication of our 10th birthday, whether that be 10 candles, the number 10 in icing, or candles in the shape of the number 10.

This is a repeat of a competition we had in 2011, see Awards are tokens of achievement.

The site is fresh, new and growing extremely quickly, with many opportunities for advertising; it brings a new perspective over the classical ranking websites.

To ensure the best user experience, only qualitative, stable and secure gaming websites appear on the tracker, which are moderated weekly.

- Donator - Donate to ac-web - Money Bags - Donate or more. - Rockstar - You are a well known user within the community.

- Shit Poster - Someone who isn't useful, and only posts pure rubbish.

We will continue to serve you with more content updates in the near future. What started as an ambitious little site held together by Jargs' once-amazing Ultimate Repack grew into one of the most recognised faces in Wo W emulation communities, and most certainly the best. Some of you are still true to the site since 2007, others who mull over the good ol' 2008 and '09 days, and plenty of those who just joined our ranks and soon becoming the site's new generation.


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