2 bipolar people dating

Because Bipolar is away for someone to use an excuse for there uncontrolable temper, or emotions ,to hurt themselves, or hurt others. Instead you do it any ways because you can use the word Bipolar. It's a pore weak excuse on not trying to fix your uncontrolable temper or rage. I was, and still am, willing to see where things could go with her, but I think even after she recovered from her spell she was still too embarrassed to get back into contact with me.It's a pore excuse for someone that knows what they are capable of, there own actions of conflict and low self esteem. And taking all kinds of medication just makes it worse for your body to junction normally.:jumper Bipolar is just another disorder that you can keep under control, like diabetes. I think it's a total shame, because I still like to know the person..tell them......people are ignorant and do not understand..are not informed..i have had two relationships...

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If it describe you, go seek professional help immediately. While she was "up," we hit it off wonderfully and I was totally smitten with her.

I feel if you can admit being a Bipolar person and take meds than your smart enough to stop using Bipolar as an excuse. And you can control it if you really put your mind on focus. Thinking you can get away with things you allready know better of what not to do. Then she got "down," and I think was too embarrassed and self-conscious that she hadn't told me about her condition previously that she didn't really want to have anything to do with me anymore.

When she was done with the cancer, she followed all the symptoms, from the manic hyper happy moments, to the lows so lo that she couldn't get out of bed.

I told her that she may wanted to check for bipolar, but she took it as me insulting her.

So half a year later after we split, she began to see a therapist that diagnosed her.

The whole sense of discovery sent her through a devastating tail spin so she went to a psychiatric center, where they adjusted her medication, went through some intensive group therapy, and now she is in much better meds.she was raped twice, the first child she gave to adoption and the second has her own mental issues and lives with the grandparents. If you are taking meds apporoved by a specialist and stay on them you have nothing to be concerned with but ignorance from people. His moods changed so fast that you never knew what was going to happen next and I couldn't get help fast enough.she does take medication and I've seen her off her meds and it definitely isn't pretty, but she is happy and her husband loves her and i wish some day i can have a marriage like hers My father is bi-polar, so is my ex. My ex "self medicated" her disorder, bad idea, wonder why i had to leave her? If you are not dealing with your unwanted, uncotrollable, and "didn't ask for" chemical imbalance then you willl never find what you are looking for.... I think yes, it is the person/relationship, not the disorder. Our oldest daughter has Bipolar disorder and I'm telling ya you would not choose to live with two people, untreated in the same house. Like many things it would totally depend on where a person was at with their condition. I totally understand where you are coming from though and it's normal to want a new relationship.Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. In fact OP, if you were actually diagnosed by a doctor, a medical doctor, you wouldn't be here asking such a question.You would be working on yourself and retraining your thinking. Even before getting diagnosed, if you follow the patterns you need to then have it checked.Get your meds stable, go to therapy, go through organized re-integration, join a support group. You will find someone I know where you comming from. When she was up , she would call me and i go over and we would go right to her bed and WOW the best sex i ever had.

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