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It is lovely that she has been honest and told me and we need to talk more when she gets home from school. She has had one "boyfreind" last year but they were more mates I think... DS has Chicken Pox and a medical condition, i also have another younger DS.they met up at weekends and went down town and back to my house or to his parents when they were there. My DH is not her dad and she doesnt see her biological dad and there is no love lost between DH and DD.I wish you had been my Mum L x When I was 15 (2 months b4 my 16th birthday) I started seeing a guy who was almsot 20. it got to a point where my sister got chatting to this 19year old and she sneaked out of the house to meet him at the bus shelter down the road, my mum only found out a few hours after and called around all family and the police and she was gone the whole night, finally the police found her using CCTV, he had taken her to Norwich, and we live in gosport so she was very far away from home, the boy got arrested and him and his mother and a few others admitted they they were using her for a devil worshiping cult so you can properly imagine what they were going to do!!!

She says that she had been talking to him on msn for ages.

She cried when she told me and said i hope you are not dissapointed in me. She said that they had talked about it and he has told her he wont do anything until she is legally old enuf if she wants to... She is on the PIll for her periods and we have an open relationship and we do talk about sex etc. I am having a hard time at the moment anyway and on anti ds.

The only thing I can say is that I had a boyfriend at 15 and he was 19...

I lied about my age and I did have sex with him and we did use something....

They always respected our relationship and tbh if they hadnt then I would have still seen him anyway and I wouldve lost a lot of respect for them. this is totally different from what is going on with you and your daughter but i thought i would tell you, but your daughter seems like a very sensible girl, to ease your worries you should met the guy and see if you approve.

My mum was never really strict with me, all she said was he can only sleep over when you are 16 and not before. sorry for the long post, i thought id write because i get so worried for other people when they say there daughters are meeting older boys, because of what happened to my sister and for the fact that i dont really trust no boys around my 2 younger sisters!

Its inevitable that a 20 year old boy/man is going to want to take things to the next level and I think you should discuss with your daughter the possibility of that happening and make sure she is protected should that happen.

Whether we feel its right or not, so many girls arent reaching anywhere near 15 before they are having sex and so they need to be fully educated, rather than leaving it til its too late.. Did the sex talk and just dont feel things are rite??? oh go with your gut feeling if it doesnt feel right and if he looks older than 20 i wouldnt let her meet him or maybe get himt o come to the house shes mibbe spinning you a line i hope not though let us know how it goes xx Trouble is like most 15/16 year olds she has lied to me in the past.

My 15 year old DD told me in the car today on the way to school that she didnt go to see her friend on Saturday in the nearby town but met a boy who is 20 and he has asked her out.

She met him thru a friend some time ago and has never mentioned him before.

Maybe I am just gettin old and thats what kids do now... I was 18 before i did anything and she is still my little girl and I know it will lead to more than holding hands...


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