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The committee rescinded those approvals, as well as an option for lawmakers to purchase their laptops and printers for each. President Barack Obama signed the settlement into law last month after more than a decade of negotiations, but the deal still must be ratified by the tribes members.

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But I want to be clear; What matters far more than words — what matters far more than any reso- lution or declaration — are actions to match those words.” The endorsement of the declara- tion by the U.

Tribal President Joe Shirley Jr., Vice President Ben Shelly, council Speaker Lawrence Morgan and executive branch chief of staff Patrick Sandoval were to have benefited from the bonuses. Some said tribal property that contains per- sonal information or furniture and ve- hicles that have been used by one person for years should be passed on to that person.

The agreement itself makes no men- tion of repayment, and Crow leaders dismissed the idea as one of several false rumors making the rounds with- in the tribe. The agreement allows the tribe to sell or lease up to 50,000 acre-feet of water annually and to build a new hydroelectric project at Yellowtail Af- terbay Dam north of Bighorn Lake. BENEFITS AWARD LETTER WITH QUALIFICATIONS SPECIFIC TO THIS EXEMPTION THAT CERTIFIES THE 100% SERVICE RELATED DISABILITY PROPERTY VALUATION FREEZE (AKA: SENIOR FREEZE): THE OWNER MUST BE 65 YEARS OLD OR OLDER AS OF JANUARY 1ST, 2011; AND GROSS HOUSEHOLD INCOME LEVEL CANNOT EXCEED $59,300.00 FOR THE 2010 YEAR. 10 he would introduce legislation to require UND to keep its nickname and logo.

Nevertheless, even concerns that lack validity could make the settle- ment a tough sell, said Dale Old Horn, a spokesman for the tribal govern- ments executive branch. Black Eagle said preliminary work on the hydroelectric project would begin “right away.” The agreement includes a $20 mil- lion account for the tribe to pursue the hydro project and others involving coal or renewable energy. M BURBANK - CITY HALL -105 FIRST ST - JANUARY 28, A. - NOON FOR THE PURPOSE OF TAKING NEW APPLICATIONS FOR HOME- STEAD EXEMPTION, DOUBLE HOMESTEAD EXEMPTION, SENIOR FREEZE, VETERANS EXEMPTION, REPORTING CHANGES MADE TO YOUR PROPERTY AND/OR BUILDINGS, TURN- ING IN MANUFACTURED HOMES, RENDERING BUSINESS PERSONALS, REPORTING FARM EQUIPMENT, TRACTORS, ETC., AND APPLYING FOR AGRICULTURE FUEL EXEMPTION. TO QUALIFY THE TAXPAYER MUST PROVIDE COPIES OF 2010 PAPERS TO VERIFY TOTAL HOUSEHOLD INCOME OF ALL OCCU- PANTS LIVING IN THE HOMESTEAD PROPER- TY TOTAL HOUSEHOLD INCOME INCLUDES ALL TAXABLE AND NON-TAXABLE INCOME SOURCES. IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE TAXPAYER TO NOTIFY THIS OFFICE IF INCOME EXCEEDS THE QUALIFIED AMOUNTS. PHONE: 918-287-3448 Page 4 • January 21, 201 1 • Native American Times N. Bills seek to keep Fighting Sioux nickname DALE WETZEL Associated Press BISMARCK, N. (AP) - Two North Dakota House bills would delay or halt the University of North Dakota from discarding its Fighting Sioux nickname and American Indian head logo, a job the school wants to finish this sum- mer to avoid NCAA penalties. The bill, which was obtained by The Associat- ed Press, orders Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem to consider filing an antitrust lawsuit against the NCAA if the associa- tion tries to sanction UND for keeping the nickname. David Monson, R-Osnabrock, says the university may not drop the nickname or logo unless the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe holds a referendum and tribal vot- ers deny UND permission to continue using them.

Crude Rate of Alaska Native Suicide by Alaska Department of Labor Region 2001-2009 Statewide l luiw Lnjtivr Rate- i ; Jim Native American Times • January 21, 2011 • Page 3 Crow leaders, Tester push $46 1M water settlement MATTHEW BROWN Associated Press CROW AGENCY, Mont. “With that water, with that lifeblood, you can start making things move forward in Crow Nation.” The deal would allocate to the tribe up to 300,000 acre-feet of water an- nually from Bighorn Lake, a govern- ment-operated reservoir along the Wyoming border, and 500,000 acre- feet annually from the Bighorn River.

The federal government would spend 1 million on irrigation improve- ments, industrial and municipal water system upgrades and other projects.The incoming president, vice presi- dent and speaker are able to furnish their homes provided by the tribe.But questions arose regarding the legality of the bonuses and property purchases, and some Navajos saying the property should go to those truly in need.In exchange, the tribe would waive any legal claims against the govern- ment for being denied adequate water resources in the past.Although half the storage allocation in Bighorn Lake could not be used for irrigation or agriculture, Crow offi- cials said the tribe’s net gain of 650,000 acre-feet of water still marks a vast in- crease over what is now used by the tribe.Diana De Chilly of Fort Defiance said she has been giving a ride to a woman who works in Window Rock, who she found hitchhiking on a cold morning.


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