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The plan was to slip a cam in it and see what would happen when we bolted on a Pro Charger P1SC self-contained centrifugal supercharger. We were so jazzed by the P1SC’s performance that we tried again with a 350ci small-block Chevy (“A Boat Anchor into a 611HP Screamer,” Feb. We decided to pull off the hat trick with a ‘tweener 5.3L (325ci) LS engine.

Self-contained means you don’t have to punch an oil return hole in the pan to make this blower work. That’s when our good idea turned a little sideways.

It’s a recurring theme from which we just can’t seem to escape.

We discovered an iron 5.3L truck engine on Craigslist for $300, handed the owner three bones, tossed the greasy long-block in the back of our trusty GMC pickup truck, and headed for the barn. With a set of RHS heads, a Comp hydraulic roller, an Edelbrock intake, and a blow-through Holley, the Pro Charger huffed and puffed to 605 hp at 6,200 rpm.

This does add length to the overall engine package, but Pro Charger says the company has already fit these blower packages in early Chevelles.

Water Injection The big issue with making boost is that it also adds heat.

The water doesn’t put out the flame, as is the common misconception.

Instead, the small amount of injected water reduces the peak cylinder pressures that contribute to detonation.

The two keys to water injection are to use as little as necessary and to inject the water in very fine droplets to allow them to more easily vaporize.

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